Is a niche a good idea in the bathroom?

Is a niche a good idea in the bathroom?

Is a niche a good idea in the bathroom?

Shower Niche Planning is becoming an increasingly popular part of most modern bathroom remodel plans. This process involves determining the correct shower niche height, size, style and position for your new bathroom.
You must consider whether or not to build a custom sized tiled shower niche, or save some time and install a pre finished shower niche.
After choosing how big you want your niche, where to put it is the next important consideration.

Some important points to consider when planning your bathroom niche


Do you want a vertically oriented rectangular shaped niche with several shelves, or a large horizontal niche with one long ledge for all you shower items?

Do you want to use the shower niche as a storage place for your shampoo and body wash, or do you want it to be utilized as a place to display products?
This decision involves both practical storage concerns as well as aesthetic considerations. In your shower niche plan you must weigh the importance of each, to come up with a solution that fits your needs but doesn’t interfere with your design.

Niche Ideas for when you need lots of storage




Add Lighting to your Bathroom Niche

Adding lighting to your bathroom niche If you have a bathroom niche, adding lighting to it will make help to create ambience in your new bathroom. The lighting can be as simple as a small light fixture with a switch on the wall or as elaborate as an entire recessed lighting system. But no matter how you choose to do it, adding lights to your bathroom niche is something that should be done early in the remodelling process so you can see how everything fits together.


Niche Ideas for larger Bathrooms



Building a long narrow shower niche in your bathroom will create a nice feature focal point to add interest to the room. It can also help to make your shower feel more spacious & luxurious.

Our Favourite Bathroom Niche Ideas



  Choosing tiles for your bathroom niche

Choosing the right tiles to tile your shower niche is an important decision. The tiles you select will have a major impact on how your shower niche looks, and can also affect the new design of your whole bathroom. There are many different options when it comes to shower niche tiles, and they vary widely in price and quality. You should take your time when selecting the right tile for your needs. We have a range of tiles to suite any design , so you can be sure to find something that suits your taste. We have a large variety of tiles to choose from, which means there is something for everyone. You can browse our selection online.

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